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Pereira Lab

The Anlyan Center                                                                   300 Cedar Street, S520                                                          New Haven, CT, 06519

Joao Pereira:                                                                                +1 (203) 737 2089

Administrative Assistant                                                      Debbie Richter: +1 (203) 785 5176

Interested in Joining the Pereira Lab?

  • Undergraduate students: If you have a passion for research and are interested in applying for graduate school send an email to Joao and Debbie for setting up an appointment.
  • Graduate students: This lab vibrates with graduate students! We are very much interested in expanding the the lab with students that are as passionate about science as we are. if you're interested in doing a rotation in the lab just contact Joao by email or drop by his office in the TAC building (S541A).
  • Postdocs: The lab is open for postdocs interested in further developing their scientific reasoning and technical skills for pursuing a career in research. Please send an email to Joao explaining what you would like to study in our lab. Send also your CV and names and contact info of 2-3 references.