Sandra Zehentmeier (Postdoctoral associate)

Sandra is studying how chemoattractant receptor signaling controls the differentiation transitional B cells and survival of mature B cells. She is also interested in understanding how plasma cells live forever. Sandra is a big fan of exploring the outdoors, and likes to play & record her own music.

Vivian Lim.jpg

Vivian Lim (graduate student)

Vivian identified the sites of lymphocyte production in bone marrow and is currently studying how lymphopoietic niches are regulated. Outside the lab, she likes exercising, reading and playing the piano.

Runfeng Miao.jpg

Runfeng Miao (graduate student)

Runfeng is studying the hematopoietic cells and pathways that regulate stem cell niches and hematopoietic stem cell homeostasis. This work holds the potential for improving current therapeutic strategies for bone marrow transplantation. When not running experiments, she enjoys reading, drawing, and cooking.


Nathan Ewing-Crystal (Yale undergraduate student)

Nathan is studying how bone marrow niche cells initiate Emergency Myelopoiesis, an immune response to infection, by down-regulating CXCL12 in response to inflammatory cytokines.  Besides science, he enjoys playing tennis and piano, reading, and spending time with my dog.


Chris Fistonich (graduate student)

Chris studied the cell circuits formed between proB, preB, and IL-7 producing mesenchymal cells using a variety of intravital and in situ imaging approaches, in combination with biochemical and molecular tools. Outside of the lab he enjoys singing, fixing software bugs, and cuddling with cats.