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Our published findings

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A more comprehensive explanation of cell circuits formed between B cell progenitors and IL-7 producing cells.

In this study, Chris Fistonich explains how B cell progenitors interact with IL-7-producing cells during B cell development in bone marrow. This study introduces a new concept into the field!

Nice study by Omotooke showing why naive T cells normally don't home to the bone marrow


The lab's review on the cellular journey from the hematopoietic stem cell until the mature B cell.


In this study, we identified stem cell niches as the site of lymphocyte production.


Erin's review of the chemoattractants sensed by early myeloid precursors as they differentiate into osteoclasts.


Erin's research showed EBI2 as a major chemoattractant receptor used by osteoclast precursors for positioning at the bone surface. Lots of great intravital microscopy here!

Negative results are as important as the positive ones. Title says it all.


The lab's first paper from the lab's first graduate student (Thomas). A very nice journey into how B cells egress from the bone marrow. Also lots of amazing intravital microscopy.